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MappiNa is a collaborative mapping project that creates a different image of the operating cities through the critical contribution of its inhabitants. The project was created to stimulate citizens to look at their city outside the stereotyped images, to tell about it through daily experience and to regain possession of its material and immaterial resources. The goal is to compose a collective map that traces a new narrative, which opens up to a different perspective and is an opportunity to experiment with alternative ways of transforming oneself in the city.
Mappina is built by georeferencing the practices that can be seen in the PLACES and the SOUNDS that are heard in the city, the TALES, the ABANDONED places to explore and the IDEAS of reuse or crossing the city to experiment. It is built by bringing out the ACTORS who produce culture and variety, the EVENTS that spread it.
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ExtraMANN is the first app that invites a collective storytelling of Naples' cultural heritage thanks to an innovative collaborative mapping application.
Developed by Cityopensource for the National Archaeological Museum of Naples MANN, the app offers the user - in Italian and English whether he is a tourist or a citizen - the opportunity to discover the extraman network made up of over 40 art places in the city, to follow the itineraries between these places and to participate in the events that take place there.
It also allows you to participate in a collective narration of the city's heritage, narrating the experience in the places of the extramann network with photos, videos and audio, adding new places in the city and tracing new itineraries.
The easy management of the App will allow you to launch mapping contests and other initiatives to promote the area.
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riuSA, the app of the Salerno Punto Com project promoted by the Municipality of Salerno, is an application that allows everyone to report Spaces to Reactivate and Activities in Space with the aim of telling the potential and liveliness of the city of Salerno and transforming underused spaces in places of social gathering and cultural participation.
In fact, it allows you to report unused areas or buildings but also to tell how the realities of the city use the spaces through cultural and creative practices. The declinations with which these practices take place in space are the result of a mapping laboratory coordinated by the Mappina association which involved the realities of Salerno in identifying the categories to be mapped. The app builds and feeds a community of storytellers who connect people and territories, collecting visions and generating possible changes.
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