Collaborative mapping platform


dashboard & app

The Cityopensource platform has a management dashboard, from which you can select and manage the services you will offer, and a mobile app, from which people can map and access all the features you have chosen for them.

Cityopensource is completely modular.This means that you choose what to locate on the map and the services that interest you most to create the best storytelling experience in your area.


We create services and products for collaborative mapping projects that engage and build dynamic communities.

We work to produce innovation in territorial narrative practices through digital maps and we:
  • Co-design the most suitable digital architectures to generate shared experiences, also through co-creation workshops that involve users and stakeholders;
  • Design and develop highly customized applications that are modulated on the needs of projects and people;
  • Take care of and activate digital and engagement strategies capable of activating experiences, generating new communities, which base their identity on a common sense of belonging;
  • Train and accompany projects in all their phases by promoting an open and inclusive digital transformation.



Enter your logo, title and the description of the project. Choose the city, the style of the cartography, the color and title of the pointer-spots

Map and user management

Select if the map is open or closed, visible or not, choose the number of users who can participate, the policy of their contents (in copyright or CCby) and manage roles (administrator, editor, mappers)

Choose the content to map

Select the type of content to map from the app such as images, videos, audios, texts, calendar, dates and times, checkbox, QRcode and more

Create location, drow areas and itineraries

Create the locations with the content you have selected, define areas and trace the itineraries and order the contents on the routes and build routes to cross the territories


Import the map to your website, connect social pages and share content


Multi Mapping location

Share locations with digital content and invite mappers to tell their experience by adding content on location existing ones or to create new ones

Itineraries and routes

Everyone will be able to follow your itineraries, trace new paths and reach their destinations with real-time navigation guides starting from their position or from a location on the virtual map

Interact and send geo-localized notifications

Reach users directly on their phones by sending messages and notifications when they are near important places, events or to activate gamification dynamics such as digital treasure hunts

Mapping online & offline

There are different ways to map digital content: static to locate individual contents, live to trace itineraries and locate the stages on the map and offline where there is no connection you can choose your offline mode contents and your tracks can be loaded when you log in to connect

All for one, one for all

You will be able to build your community of followers and your mappers will help tell the territory on a single map, but they will also have their own maps, content and routes on the app


Analyze your project

Insights of the map, of the contents and mappers with user data, followers, community, content types, likes, routes and activities

Geo analyzes on places

Analyze the mapped data e discover the check-in accesses, the most photographed places or monuments, the number and type of contents and more

Geo analyzes on streams

Monitor user flows and find out the multiple routes, times, number and type of content and more

Upload, Download e Reuse

Import and export your datasets and reuse the contents already present on the platform such as digital commons and open data

Co-creation solutionOur solutions are the result of a co-creation process that actively involves our customers to create an experience capable of generating value and building communities.
Contact us and tell us about your project, together we will find the most suitable customized solution for you.