Collaborative mapping platform


Storytelling maps

You will be able to tell about your territory
and involve other people to narrate it with you.
There is no need for expert knowledge,
you will not have to develop an application,
because Cityopensource offers a solution
ready and adaptable to different needs.

Non - profit and groups

That activate participatory projects of urban narration and regeneration, Festival with widespread events in the area that want to communicate the initiatives and encourage the public to tell the experience

Museums and cultural institutions

Who manage or promote resources distributed throughout the territory and activate storytelling projects through protagonism active people with innovative tools capable of involving new audiences and carry out quantitative and qualitative analyzes on their territories

Administrations, organizations, research and training institutes

Who promote advocacy and civic monitoring projects, use and produce open data and digital commons through innovative territorial analysis and planning tools in order to increase the efficiency of decisions and the effectiveness of services

Start up & SME

Who develop services related to the enhancement of cultural heritage or to a community-based tourism offer that they need of digital solutions ready to go to market quickly

Co-creation solutionOur solutions are the result of a co-creation process that actively involves our customers to create an experience capable of generating value and building communities.
Contact us and tell us about your project, together we will find the most suitable customized solution for you.