Terms of use

CityOpenSource, a collaborative mapping platform, offers registered users the opportunity to create and share their own maps and digital content.

CityOpenSource allows for collaborative projects of digital storytelling by localizing multimedia content and data on interactive maps. The platform, in its desktop version and customized apps, encourages sharing, reuse, and customization of the experience and leverages the possibility of integrating additional proximity marketing services and geographic data-based AI analysis tools into a single solution. It also allows for data import/export and their reuse on the platform, presenting itself as a DaaS (Data as a Service) for digital commons and open data.

As a user, you have the right to use the CityOpenSource Services (websites, mobile apps, and other services, features, APIs, and functionalities) subject to the following terms and conditions that you accept at the time of registration and which may be modified.

We will inform users in advance via email regarding any changes. The prerequisite is that the user has provided an email address. The amendment is considered approved if the user does not object within one month from the announcement of the change. Otherwise, we have the right to block access.


You must be at least 16 years old to use the CityOpenSource Services. If you are under 18 years old (or the legal age of majority in the place where you live), you can only use the Services under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian who agrees to be bound by these Terms. If you are a parent or legal guardian of a user under the age of 18 (or the legal age of majority), you agree to be fully responsible for the acts or omissions of such user in relation to the Services and terms of use.

If you use the CityOpenSource Services on behalf of another entity, all references to "Users" in the remainder of the Terms will include such entity. You represent that you are authorized to accept these Terms on behalf of such entity and in the event that the user or entity violates these Terms, the entity agrees to be responsible to us.

Different users by authorization level

The users of the CityOpenSource Services are of three types:

  • Administrator -
    who manages, on the Website and the App, the functionalities related to the maps and project contents, can delete, modify and manage the services made available on the platform.
  • Editor -
    who manages, on the Website and the App, only some functionalities related to the project contents and specific locations, can delete, modify and manage the services made available on the platform.
  • Mapper -
    registered user through the App, who contributes to the mapping project by uploading their contents.

Access and use authorization

Every user who uses the services developed by CityOpenSource is entitled to do so provided they respect the terms and conditions set forth by the platform. These terms and conditions are meant to ensure that users use the services in a responsible and lawful manner, while also protecting the rights and interests of CityOpenSource and other users. In order to use CityOpenSource services, users must register and create an account by providing personal information (email address and username) and explicitly accepting the specific conditions and obligations of use. This is also a prerequisite for using the mapping and mapping services, where users can generate, publish, and share their own content.

Access to CityOpenSource services is subject to account credential verification, which must be protected from unauthorized use. In addition, CityOpenSource reserves the right to suspend or terminate access to services at any time and without notice if the user violates these terms or for technical or security reasons. The use of the Services may require the user's authorization to access certain device features, such as the camera or the geographic location, depending on the needs of the Service. The user can revoke authorization at any time from the device settings.

Users must maintain the security of their accounts, as they are responsible for activities carried out through it, unless unauthorized access is obtained solely due to a failure of our security measures. We reserve the right to claim usernames, also on behalf of companies or individuals who hold legal claims, including trademark rights or other proprietary rights protected by law. It is prohibited and will be prosecuted any false and/or misleading registration, particularly when false personal information is used and/or for creating an account for others without their permission.

User Generated Content

The user can contribute to the project voluntarily, spontaneously, and free of charge by uploading content that will subsequently be distributed on the Website and/or the App under the licenses defined by the administrator (see Content Licenses).

The CityOpenSource Services allow users to create, publish, store, and share content, including images and sequences of images, videos, audio, text, datasets, location and route information, comments, messages, polls and responses, posts, votes, ratings, other materials, and all other information associated with them (collectively, "User Content").

By providing their content, the user retains ownership of all rights, including intellectual property rights related to the content, and grants CityOpenSource a non-exclusive, transferable, sublicensable, free, perpetual (or, in jurisdictions where this is not allowed, for the period of protection of intellectual property rights or for a term equal to 99 years), irrevocable, worldwide license to distribute, use, host, store, copy, modify, distribute, create derivative works, publish and process such content, through any means, either alone or in combination with other content or materials, in any way and through any means, method or technology, whether existing or future. CityOpenSource undertakes to indicate the name and surname of the author and/or, in the absence of these, the wording indicated in the username for each published content and is obliged in accordance with the law on personal data protection

CityOpenSource is not liable for user-provided content and will not be held responsible for any disputes directly or indirectly connected to them, including any copyright infringement or damages that may result from it. Users who provide content to the company assume full responsibility for their content.

Content Licenses

The user's content (alone or in combination with other datasets) may be entered with different specific levels of access through licenses, ranging from copyright to Creative Commons licenses with different levels of reuse. The choice of content licenses is defined by the map administrator. If there are no explicit indications to the contrary, the contents are published under the Creative Commons Attribution license (CC BY).

The contents are imported from the databases of CityOpenSource, whose protection - which does not prejudice existing rights on the contents - is governed by European directives on the matter.

When the user publishes or otherwise shares their content on or through CityOpenSource Services, they agree that such content and any associated information (such as username, profile picture, and bio) may be visible to other users. As a user, you agree that the content provided and published on the platform can be used by all users authorized by CityOpenSource for specific access levels defined by the licenses.

As a user of the platform, you agree to respect the rights and property rights of other users of CityOpenSource.

As a user of CityOpenSource, you are solely responsible for the content you generate and publish that you have added, and you must ensure that they comply with the code of conduct of the terms of use.

Code of Conduct

The CityOpenSource code of conduct requires users to use the Services responsibly, respecting other users, applicable laws, and intellectual property rights. In particular, users must not:

  • Use the Services for illegal or unauthorized purposes;
  • Spread offensive, defamatory, threatening, or discriminatory content;
  • Use the Services to harass, intimidate, or pressure other users;
  • Use the Services to send spam or unsolicited commercial messages;
  • Use the Services to collect personal information about other users without their consent;
  • Violate the privacy, copyright, or intellectual property rights of CityOpenSource or other users;
  • Attempt to access the Services in an unauthorized manner or use the Services in a way that causes damage to CityOpenSource or other users.

In the event of a violation of the code of conduct, CityOpenSource reserves the right to suspend or close the user's account and remove inappropriate content.

In the event of a violation of this code of conduct and/or these terms of use, the user is required to bear the expenses, indemnifying CityOpenSource from any claims for damages and reimbursement of expenses from third parties.


We are responsible according to legal provisions. User-generated content is not subject to our monitoring obligation. Therefore, we assume no responsibility for the timeliness, correctness, completeness, reliability, authenticity, and non-infringement of third-party rights, viruses, or suitability of such content and/or other user activities. In particular, we assume no responsibility for the loss or storage of user passwords or access rights. The user shall indemnify CityOpenSource against claims for damages or demands of third parties when CityOpenSource is not liable. Unless otherwise agreed, the responsibility is not with CityOpenSource.