Collaborative mapping platform


Cityopensource APP

The CityOpenSource app brings together all the collaborative mapping projects on the platform.
From here you can create or participate in collaborative digital storytelling projects by locating photos, videos, audio on interactive maps.
Enter, you will find communities and projects you can collaborate on. These are projects launched by associations, foundations, research bodies, universities, public administrations and companies that talk about landscape and environmental resources, cultural heritages, uses of space, initiatives and ideas of regeneration, festivals, particular local traditions, cultural actors and their activities, stories related to places or famous people, to women.
They are tales of beauty and vivacity, but also of abandonment and critical imagination.
Co-creation solutionOur solutions are the result of a co-creation process that actively involves our customers to create an experience capable of generating value and building communities.
Contact us and tell us about your project, together we will find the most suitable customized solution for you.